Re(de)fining Purpose.

Re(de)fining Purpose.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea of purpose. When you hear someone say purpose, what do you think of? For me, I think of doing. Having purpose means it has use, that it does something.

For example, if have a job, your purpose is to do the tasks assigned to you by that job, and their purpose (to you) is to compensate you for the work you do. Or the purpose of my spatula when I bake is to help me mix my ingredients together and gather the bits that stick to the sides of the bowl (which can be disappointing if you were hoping to lick the bowl :)).

What if purpose is less about what you are doing, less about your use, and more about who you are becoming?

What if purpose is more about refining your character, stretching your faith, deepening your wisdom, instead of the physical act of what you are trying to accomplish?


What if for this season, you focused less about what you are doing with your hands, and more about what is occurring within your heart?

What if you focused less on your usefulness, your contributions to society, and more on the character and depth that God is drawing out of you?

What if you focused less on the distant purpose of your life and more on being obedient in the present to grow?

Listen, I’m not saying to neglect your job or career, or to start slacking off, or quit everything and join a convent. And I’m not saying to stop setting goals, or making plans, or following dreams, because those are super important. But maybe instead of focusing all of your attention on your purpose, start focusing more on growing your character.

Goals will be achieved, careers will change, plans will make way for newer plans, but your character is going to be constant and defining. Crossing items off a bucket list of life goals is significant, but who you are in that process is of even greater significance. 

“And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.” Luke 2:52

This was (and still is, I believe) our alma mater’s theme verse. Notice that it says Jesus grew. This is a holistic growth, encompassing physical, social, educational and spiritual components. Jesus was 30 when he started His ministry. But before that, He grew. And maybe you need to, too.



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